Word Screen Park
Kevin McMahon
Blogging at SilverLakeBlvd.com


I've been posting words and images at SilverLakeBlvd.com since September 2004. It replaced my first website, MrKevin.net which launched the summer of 2000. Three years later this first—handmade—version of SLB was supersceded by a template hosted by TypePad, which was much easier to update.

I started with the idea that I was going to use the site to promote specific projects, but over the years it evolved into an agreeable weekly exercise. I'm lucky to have access to all sorts of compelling musical, artistic, theatrical experiences. The discipline of putting words to my feelings clarifies them. My sense is that I'm communicating with a circle of friends who already know me. But every so often I get a surprise email from a complete stranger, who has liked something I wrote, or offers a correction/clarification. Last spring I got the shock of my life seeing my words quoted before Mark Swed's in a L.A. Phil program.

I'm currently—summer 2016—taking a break. I need to think about how to proceed. I don't want to continue just because it's a habit. And I don't want to spend more time advertising my life than living it. I bought a spiral-bound notebook, just in case I go back to that.

This site, WordScreenPark, launched the Spring of 2011. I, too, have a professional life. You are currently reading version 3. The image above is the home page of version 1.