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Kevin McMahon
The Hypercities Digital Roman Forum

The summer of 2010 I worked on the inscription database section of Digital Roman Forum project, part of UCLA's HyperCities initiative.

I assembled transcriptions, translations and other information about the various inscriptions that have been found on monuments within the Forum. After assembling the packets of data I positioned them within the HyperCities 3D reconstruction using kml tags. One aspect that we worked on with special attention was a guided tour of statues and inscriptions as experienced by Emperor Honorius in his imperial procession in 404 CE.

Gregor Kalas (Visiting professor, College of Architecture & Design, U. of Tennessee) was the coordinator of the project. Marie Saldana was creating the 3D reconstruction in which I worked. UCLA HyperCities coordination was provided by Diane Favro (Architecture and Urban Design), Chris Johanson (Classics and Digital Humanities), and Yoh Kawano, Technical Lead (Academic Technology Services).

I particularly enjoyed the fact that it gave me an up-to-date context in which to engage seriously with Latin, 26 years after getting my B.A. in the Classics. It also gave me more to think about on the question of how media affect our understanding of history.