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Kevin McMahon
The Mike Kelley Foundation

During 2013-2014, Reza Monahan and I prepared a Media Preservation & Access Plan to assist the Mike Kelley Foundation with the transformation of the Mike Kelley Studio into the Mike Kelley Archive. The Studio had already accomplished many tasks regarding digital preservation. Our recommendations clarified the big picture, as well as prioritizing future tasks in a systematic way.

The Foundation is caretaker for approximately 4000 different media elements (physical and digital items), produced between 1973 and 2010. The physical elements are mostly magnetic tape (in 18 formats), plus five kinds of optical disk media (mostly DVDs), and a handful of other formats. The digital elements exist in a variety of formats, and reside on multiple hard drives.

No artist’s work of recent times meant as much to me as Mike Kelley’s. The honor of helping preserve his work and keep it accessible was augmented by getting to know the remarkable people at the Studio and Foundation.

[Image: still of the installation Day Is Done (Mike Kelley, 2005)]