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Kevin McMahon
The dialog begins in the wake of the unrest / Faxitecture dossier

I wrote four features for the L.A. Architect under Frances Anderton’s editorship, 1991-1993. The most notable was "The Dialog Begins In the Wake of the Unrest," in which Celia Johnson and I collected brief statements about the L.A. riots from local and international architects and theorists.

One contributor, Jacques Derrida, later took the documents I had assembled as the starting point for an extended inquiry into ...


"... the problematic state of so-called international law and its enforcement; environmental disasters … also the immense ‘fabric’ of telefacture that links all these to educational, military, and police systems, to linguistic-cultural norms, etc., in a word, to everything that structures today, from near or far, each neighborhood …."  (“Faxitecture," Anywhere, Rizzoli, 1993)


I confess to baiting the contributors with a particularly outrageous quote from a local politician about "rebuilding L.A.". I'm happy to have provided Derrida with something worthwhile to deconstruct.